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Axion Hellas: revival strategy plan for Halki’s Horio developed pro-bono by Deloitte

At the Benaki Museum, Deloitte presented the Strategic Plan for the revival of the ancient village of Halki ‘’Horio’’, which includes a study on the socio-economic impacts that may arise from its implementation.

Deloitte prepared this specific Strategic Plan as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, in collaboration with the Municipality of Halki and Axion Hellas.

In her speech, the President of Axion Hellas, Sandy Korma, stated, "The idea for the revival of Halki’s ‘’Horio’’ started by Deloitte in 2022 during our 11th mission to the island. With Deloitte, we share the common vision to provide services to society."In his speech, the CEO of Deloitte Greece, Mr. Dimitris Koutsopoulos, mentioned, "Deloitte supports the local community to build a sustainable future and enhance its tourism value by proposing a development model that will transform Halki into a model ecosystem for art and culture." Maria Ziouvelou, Marketing, Communications & CSR Leader of Deloitte Greece, noted, "The Strategic Plan for Halki is a tangible example of the contribution and role of private companies in addressing the challenges that society faces today. Our goal and desire at Deloitte are for Astypalaia and Halki to become reference points and examples for other regions in Greece." Mayor of Halki, Mr. Evangelos G. Fragakis, emotionally mentioned, "Fortunately for us, there is a significant voluntary effort by organizations such as Deloitte Greece and Axion Hellas, who are committed to reintegrating this fragile part of our heritage into modern life."

The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance Mr. Konstantinos Kiranakis, the Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Dimitrios Kollias, and Mayor of Chalki Mr. Evangelos G. Fragakis.

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