The purpose of Axion Hellas is to support society, and especially vulnerable groups living in remote and inaccessible areas of Greek islands and the mainland.



Our Mission

Due to the unfavorable economic conditions and distance from large urban centers, these areas lack easy access to basic goods, such as health services, education, infrastructure and cultural activities. Therefore, our organization aims to improve, promote and develop the intellectual, cultural, professional and social level of life of the local communities.

In this context, Axion Hellas focuses on the organization, financing, monitoring and implementation of the following actions in all geographical regions of Greece:

A) Material and moral support and protection of the vulnerable groups of local communities

B) Improvement of living conditions, as well as educational, cultural and professional status of these areas of the country and their inhabitants.

C) Promotion of the natural and cultural wealth of these areas and their traditions in order to protect and preserve cultural heritage and the use of cultural heritage for the further development of local industry, economy and tourism.

D) Provision of health services by doctors of various specialties.

E) Improvement of existing health infrastructure, educational infrastructure, cultural infrastructure and sports infrastructure, or the establishment of such infrastructure and facilities where necessary.

G) Awareness raising on issues of common interest, such as medicine, education, culture, tourism, agriculture, commerce, environmental protection and on professional and technical issues.

H) Training of local communities in order to get acquainted with new technologies and methods of communication, which can support and promote the development of local natural heritage and local economy.

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