2nd Mission: FOLEGANDROS – THIRASIA – SANTORINI 27.04 – 02.05.2017

Axion Hellas carried out its 2nd crossing with the purpose of implementing multiple support actions for the residents of South Aegean islands for the period of 27th of April to 2nd of May 2017.

A team of distinguished doctors and specialized nursing staff who voluntarily participated in the action, travelled to Folegandros, Thirassia and Santorini and offered free medical care and examinations in 12 different specialties to residents of these areas and to the residents of the Santorini workhouse. The medical team delivered speeches on issues of health and prevention at Folegandros and Santorini, under the auspices of local cultural organizations. In addition, in cooperation with E.M.E.I.S (Scientific Breast Organization Cure Support), the female population of Santorini underwent medical check-ups and was informed on breast cancer. The AXION HELLAS team of volunteer doctors performed a total of over 700 clinical and blood tests in 262 patients across the three islands.

At the same time, the Olympic Truce Team, headed by Deputy Director Dora Palli, in collaboration with the British Council and the Hellenic Olympians Association, the silver Olympic Games medalist in water polo Voula Kozompoli, the bronze Olympic Games medalist in sailing Sofia Papadopoulos and the Panhellenic champion Manty Ginieri, implemented the Ministry of Education approved program ‘Respect for Diversity’. The program concerned the promotion of the spirit of cooperation and friendship in our school communities through experiential and sport activities with the aim of tackling school bullying. At the same time, the students were informed about the correct nutrition during sports by the nutritionist Mrs. Hara Skoulariki, while children watched a theatrical game by theater professor, Evharis Papaioannou. More than 700 students of all levels attended the educational events.

Also, the members of AXION HELLAS donated technological equipment, consumables, school supplies and educational materials for the better functioning of the schools and they also provided financial support to the Santorini workhouse, through a donation from Navarino Telecom. All above actions were decided following a study on needs in cooperation with representatives of local authorities and donor organizations.

The work of AXION HELLAS focuses on actions of material as well as moral support and protection, as well as on the improvement of living conditions of vulnerable groups of the population living in remote areas of Greek islands and the mainland.

AXION HELLAS is funded exclusively by its members, the participants in its actions and missions, and through donations from companies and individuals. Among these, SYN-ENOSIS, the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company, is a major donor covering the operational costs of the missions of Axion Hellas, in the framework of community-based programs implemented by the shipping community to support the country. Also, AXION HELLAS thanks the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation for its full support for our actions.