5th Mission: SCHOINOUSSA – ANAFI – KASOS – KARPATHOS 28.04 – 05.05.2018

Axion Hellas carried out its 5thmission to the islands of Schinoussa, Anafi, Kasos and Karpathos from April 28 to May 6, 2018. The 101 volunteers team carried out medical examinations and home medical visits, educational and cultural events for the inhabitants of the islands.

The medical specialties were the following: Pediatric / Pediatric, Pediatric, Gynecological (pap test, ultrasound), Pulmonary (spirometry), Cardiologic (triplex heart, ECG), Endocrinology (Thyroid Ultrasound), General Surgery, Breast Surgery, Ultrasound Compact Vascular Instruments, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Urology, Otolaryngology, Neurological and Mental Health and Dental.

The educational programs presented on all the islands were: “We Are All True Heroes” as we want to educate young and older people in values and ideals that will help the community, “Speak Truth to Power” in collaboration with the “Kennedy Foundation” and the “Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation”, which is a program that helps children understand and respect the human rights of both others and theirs.

The organizations that support us in our cultural work are the following: British Council of Greece, International Olympic Truce Center, Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation, Robert F. Kennedy Foundation Human Rights, Electronic Crime Investigation Section, Orama Elpidas and nutritionist Mrs. Ch. Kostara.

The cultural agenda included speeches from the Cyber Crime Division of Hellenic Police for safe web browsing, archery lessons with Olympic Archery Fotini Vavatsi, educational activity from Moptil where children with the help of 3D animation and tablets technology were able to tour the Ancient Greece as well a speech by dietitian Christina Kostara for the benefits of healthy eating and how important role plays in the development and everyday life of children. Children involved with creative activities such as theatrical play with Efharis Papaioannou and sartistic creations with Theodora Vafiadaki. Inspired by the sculptures of artist A. ​​Athanasiadis, who creates structures from cardboard boxes, wood and other miscellaneous objects which accidentally finds on beaches and shipyards, children created small visual compositions. The children thus learned to give life to worn out, at first glance, objects.


The first destination of our 5thmission was the island of Schoinoussa. Our trip began on April 28, at dawn where the team gathered in Anavyssos. After a thorough check for the safety and smooth outcome of the crossing we left for the beautiful island with floating means. The trip lasted 6 hours. Our welcome on the island was touching. The job started shortly after disembarkation. The transfer of materials and the setting up of clinics and the rooms for educational program had to be completed immediately as the first educational activity took place the same day.

The day was completed with the environmental action of Let’s do it Greece, Beach Cleaning. Specifically, all members of our team and residents of the island cleaned the beaches of Gerolimionas, Fykio, Psili Ammos, Almyros, Fountana, Pouri and Livadia Schinoussa.

Another day of offer ended with a beautiful dinner at Livadia beach.


Early Sunday morning, Axion Hellas team, departed for Anafi. The welcome from the residents was once more touching. As with any action, our first concern was to set up the clinics and the rooms for the educational events.

Unforgettable will be the thanksgiving feast set up for the team on our last night in Anafi.


The 1stof May dawn find us on the floating means on our way to our next destination, Kasos. The residents welcome the team by wearing traditional costumes and holding wreaths with flowers. We started right away to organize the cultural activities alongside with the set-up of the clinics.

On the evening of the same day a feast with traditional dances and local dishes was held on behalf of Mayor Kasos, M. Chanakis.

The next day, thanks to the generous sponsorship of “Sky Express”, additional volunteers arrived on the island. We stayed overnight in Kasos and the next day we carried out our educational activities. We presented to the young and older the amazing performance “Mathias A”, from the novel of the Polish pedagogue and pediatrician G. Korzak in the version of the favorite writer Alki Zei. It is a fairytale with anti-war messages that praises friendship, love and records the struggle of children to change the world. After the performance, the children took archery lessons with Olympian Archery Foteini Vavatsi.

We had the pleasure on the afternoon of the same day, inaugurating the 5×5 Kassos Stadium, which was reconstructed with Axion Hellas’s cooperation with the local authorities. The inauguration was attended by both our team and residents to whom we delivered the stadium along with school equipment. We would also like to give a warm thank you to the Chandris Family for the kind sponsorship of the playground in Fry,Kasos, which will soon be delivered to the residents.

Last night in Kasos and we prepared for our final destination, Karpathos.


The last destination of our 5thmission was Karpathos. The welcome of the residents was warm and touching. Our first concern was to set up our clinics and the rooms for the cultural events.

Our cultural program was rich in actions with the Greek cuisine seminar “Delicious Life-Tasty Cuisine-Delicious Greek” with chef Yannis Apostolakis, cleaning the beach of Afoti in the Pigadia of Karpathos in collaboration with Antipollution and highlight the unique concert of Sakis Rouvas for the inauguration of the technological equipment we offered at the Municipal Amphitheater of Karpathos.

The non-profit organization “The Hellenic Initiative” provided multi-use sports fields for both the 1st and 2nd Elementary School of Karpathos with the aim of bringing new children to the sport in their lives. The inauguration took place jointly with the Axion Hellas team, the local authorities and residents of the island.

It was a great honor and pleasure that together with the Champion of Greece and 5th in the world rankings in the jump, Emmanuel Karalis inaugurated the multi-use sports field of 1stElementary School in Karpathos.

On the penultimate day of the mission, we visited the village of Diafani, in the northern part of Karpathos, where we carried out selected clinics for the residents. In this place, faith in traditions is impressive and evident. Everyday, residents and especially women, wear traditional, local costumes. The visit to Diaphani ended with a delicious meal on behalf of the local parish.

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