3rd Mission: PSARA – VOLISSOS CHIOS 20.09 – 24.09.2017

Axion Hellas’s third mission was launched on Wednesday 20 September with 40 established doctors and 57 volunteers. The aim was to improve infrastructures that were crucial to the everyday life of the residents, while speeches and educational events were organized. Until Sunday 24 March the mission visited the islands of Psara and Chios, more specific Volissos, where free medical examinations of children and adults were carried out by a medical team of 22 different specialties. A total of 669 patients were examined and 300 blood samplings were performed.

The inhabitants of Psara and Volissos were able to look into the clinics set up by the Axion Hellas team and become volunteers of marrow donors. Axion Hellas collaborated with the foundation of Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyannis “Orama Elpidas” in the briefing on the voluntary bone marrow offer.

The main pillar of the mission was the medical examinations and the “We Support Society” message, Axion Hellas contributed to improving the lives of the residents in more than one way.

In the Hall of Cultural Events of the Municipality of Psara with the main theme of “Prevention and Health”, the talks were held: “First Medical Assistance”, “HPV Test Pap and Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer” and “Informing about Voluntary Marriage Offer bones “. Also, the speech “Safe use of the Internet” was given by officers of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Division.

The cultural events that took place included the program “I respect diversity” in collaboration with the Olympic Truce and the British Council for all levels of education. Interactive game with the Olympic champions Virginia Kravariotis and Sofia Papadopoulou, information about optimal nutrition during development / puberty and sport and play with theatrical improvisation for the children of the kindergarten.

At the Elementary and Gymnasium of Psaron and Volissos, school supplies were donated to Axion Hellas and SkyExpress. Also, the program “We all together” of the SKAI TV station donated medicines and medical supplies to the medical centers of the islands, and the municipality of Psara received 2 cleaning sweepings from Axion Hellas. With the donation of Neptune Lines and the AEGEAS Amme, the military palace of historic Psara was renovated, during which the Chief of Staff of the General Staff, Admiral Apostolakis, paid an honorary visit.

The organization’s passion for developing and supporting the remote areas of Greece has led to collaborative educational and medical content. For this crossing, he collaborated with the Olympic Truce and the British Council, sailing Olympic champions Mrs V. Kravarioti and Mrs S. Papadopoulou, nutritionist Mrs. X. Kostara and the Electronic Crime Prosecution Division so that children and parents can express themselves and to be trained on key, topical issues.

Axion Hellas tries to listen to the needs of the local community and wants to offer quality of life to the residents who remain in isolated areas of Greece. The actions are short-lived but comprehensive and their impact remains unchanged in time and in the hearts of people, giving them hope and keeping their place alive.

The love that the world shows in our work is the main lever to continue our work with passion and values.