Axion Hellas’s contribution to the re-opening of the Health Center of Samothrace

We responded directly to the needs that were created, due to the severe bad weather that hit Samothrace on September 26th. Major damage was suffered by the Health Center, where a floor was destroyed along with all medical equipment. In contact with Dr. Gennadio Diamantopoulos, Director of the Center, we sent new and good quality medical equipment such as electrocardiograph, dry sterilizing oven, patient monitoring monitor and lamp magnifier.

Mr Diamantopoulos said: “The equipment we requested came just in time and it was exactly what we wanted. They are modern and good machines. I can not describe in words. It was really too much help for Samothrace, “he said.

“Axion Hellas is listening to the needs,” said Axion Hellas, Vassilis Pateras, chairman and added: “It is a pleasure that we had Mr. Diamantopoulos and he just described the situation and targeted us some things and we follow it our request, we responded as quickly as Axion Hellas responds to the extent that it can, quickly. ”

We are delighted that the medical staff at the Samothraki Station received the equipment and we are sure that it will make the best use of it.

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